Clinical Torment

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Amerikan Slave
Screaming Monkey Stick
Nancyboy Switchblade
Maudlin Rhapsodist
Clinical Torment

If you have some music, art or anything else not on the site, please send it. I want this to be the largest, most comprehensive archive of Chad's music found anywhere.

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Chad's mom has a tribute site for him. Go visit it at Light a candle and leave your words.

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Update: May 28th, 2019 It has been years. The music has stopped coming in. The forum has been overrun by bots. I am removing the message board today as it's served its purpose. The music archive will remain up. I renew this domain every year. The site tells me people are still hitting the archive. Still downloading. Still listening. I renew this domain name every year and I keep the site going. I've thought about retiring it... For now, it will live on.