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Chad's mom has setup a tribute site for him. Go visit it at Light a candle and leave your words. Send her your photos, movies, stories and let's see if we can put together a proper timeline for his life and musical releases.

Musical Archive
of Chad Miller

I am working on getting ahold of all of Chad's music.
I need his M_R work and anything older.Also, if you have done remixes or tributes, please do not hesitate to send those along and I will add them to the site. My purpose for doing this is to get his music into once place and make it available to Gotblack and Radio Nosferatu as well as anyone else who would like it.

If you have some music, art or anything else not on the site, please send it. I want this to be the largest, most comprehensive archive of Chad's music found anywhere.

Contact Info:

AIM: peroty

Onto the music!

Amerikan Slave
Screaming Monkey Stick
Nancyboy Switchblade
Maudlin Rhapsodist
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